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This is the Day!

When we realise how good the purpose of God is for us, the best thing to do is to praise Him out loud.

Here is declaration to help you get started.
Make sure to pray it with all your heart, and out loud.
If praying out loud is new to you,
then pray is loud enough for you to hear yourself pray it.

Psalms 118 : 24

This is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice and be glad in it!
I have received the good report of the Lord
His presence to go with me
His constant protection and guidance over my life
I will keep the Lord and His report before me
all this day!

Jesus Christ has come in the flesh!
By dying on the cross and rising again,
He made an open show
of principalities, powers
and all other rulers of this present age!
Jesus Christ triumphed over the Evil one.
He is alive forever more!
He is my Saviour and My Lord!

Holy Spirit lives in me:
He is shedding abroad in my heart
the love of God
in all its breadth and length and depth and height;
so that I will be full and complete,
lacking nothing!
Holy Spirit comes upon me today
so that I may serve the Lord with gladness,
in every area where He calls me to function!

I am clothed with the Lord!
I am strong in His strength!
I am strong and very courageous;
I meditate on God's word,
I speak it forth out of my mouth,
and I obey it.
By this, I make my way prosperous
and I have good success TODAY!

Make this declaration of thanksgiving every day until you know it word for word.
It will put God's word inside you and help you live in His purpose.

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Meanwhile, have a great day walking with the Lord!

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